Bushnell 10x42 Legend E Series

R 4,799.00

Bushnell Legend E Series 10x42 Black

The Power view range is a powerhouse of the binocular industry and they're one of the most trusted optics in the world thanks to their bright clear fully-coated lenses and their high build quality.


* The range features a wide variety of magnifications, styles and sizes to accommodate everything from a backcountry hike to an indoor opera.

* The non-slip rubber armour absorbs shock while providing a firm grip, while the soft-touch grip pads make them a comfortable, tactile pleasure to hold, even for hours at a time

* Design wise the Power view has a sleek, lightweight design that makes them easy to carry around and store, making them the best option for go-anywhere, do-anything binocular work

* Excellent long-distance viewing binoculars
* Very popular size


* Weight: 2.12kg
* Dimensions:16cm x 8cm x 19cm
* Warranty: 30 year